Chris Mills

I'm an Alabama based designer working at Luckie in Birmingham. Previously I was a designer at Red Square in Mobile and art director at Cunningham Group in Montgomery.


We hijacked Vine with a cupid on Valentine's Day. Media Bistro was nice enough to write about it.

Valenvine Desktop
Valenvine Mobile

My Role

I conceived the stunt with a copywriter, designed the site, set the stage and filmed it on my iPhone. In just a few days. Props to Lightmaker for developing at light speed.

Full Sail University

Educator Studio was developed as an online tool to help teachers share lesson plans.

Educator Studio Desktop
Educator Studio Mobile

My Role

I was UI/UX designer on this project for Red Square Agency. I was also involved in the rebrand, discovery and research. Work was passed to the Nerdery for development.

Alabama Port Authority

The 2012 AAPA Annual Convention site was designed to facilitate the registration of more than 160 public port authorities in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America.

Port of Mobile Desktop
Port of Mobile Collateral

My Role

I was ad/designer on this project for Red Square Agency. The project included brochures, invites, signage, eblasts and a website.

University of Alabama

We simplified the Culverhouse College of Commerce website by reducing the amount of pages from 1,600 to 60.

Culverhouse College of Commerce Website
Culverhouse Mobile

My Role

I was a designer on this project for Red Square Agency. We presented concepts to Culverhouse and worked with Jam3 to complete design and development.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

We pitched Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama addressing, directly, the environment in which their business was operating. The challenge was to help customers navigate this environment with ease.

Blue Cross Desktop
Blue Cross Mobile

My Role

I was designer on this project for Red Square Agency. I simplified the purchase process to become more intuitive and faster and conceived useful tools and features for a mobile application.

Hibbett Sports

We designed a mobile website and created a campaign to promote it.

Hibbett Thumb
Hibbett Mobile

My Role

I was the user experience designer on the mobile site and involved in the discovery and planning. I was ad/designer/photographer on the campaign.


I'm well-versed in the areas of design, photography, art direction, strategy, user experience and happy hour.

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